Our fruit distillates

Fruit distillates are increasingly demanded by both Northern Europe and Central European companies. With a wide range of products from historical partners with proven experience, we can recommend the right fruit distillates for the right requirements. Among the fruit distillates traded are:

  • Distilled by Pere “Williams”
  • Distilled from Cherries
  • Apricot distillates
  • Distilled from Apples

How is a distillate born?

To obtain an excellent distillate, the quality of the selected fruit is essential. Very important is also the copper plant where the phenomenon of distillation takes place, by steam. In addition to the controlled fruit fermentation followed strictly and consistently, what is important for a quality distillate is the combination of constituent fruit sugars with selected yeasts. This must be done in the right proportions and, above all, in the right moment. The aromatic notes that are “captured” by the alcohol molecules are trapped by the vapor which is then cooled to be reconstituted in liquid form. It is this final liquid that I take the name of fruit distillate.

The more the product is left to grow old and the more it builds day after day that pleasant taste and the harmonious perfume typical of fruit distillates. According to Italian law on this matter, before being able to be named, the distillate must spend a year of aging; Only then can it be called a fruit distillate.

Our partners

The companies we work with are mainly in Italy, Austria and Slovakia. Do not hesitate to ask for the types of distillate you are looking for. Thanks to the logistic collaboration with certified companies, we can arrange transport both on bulk and bulk containers.

fruit distillation process
fruits apple pear
fruit distillates production

Looking for fruit distillates?

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