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Concerning the quality of grapes in Italy this year was essential to proceed with the right selection. All the degrees were however succeeded. Thanks to the experience of our wineries and their winemakers all the possible quality threats were avoided. Consequently, grape juices were produced this year too with 68/70 Oé on in Italy. Could be present a short lack of about 5% of grapes than the last year but does not allow increasing of prices. On the contrary what really affects increasing are energy costs and transport costs for the delivery. For this reason most of the industry importers have to consider to go back to storage so to load by train too and avoid the high transport costs. Prices will be the same of the last year at the beginning of 2022, then could happen slowly a decreasing both in Spain and in Italy.

Concerning organic wines too denominations like Italian Primitivo, Chardonnay, Nero di Troia, San Giovese are to taste for their unicity and their interesting prices too as well as organic qualities in Spain.

Quality of grapes in Spain fantastic this year too, tasteful red wines, perfect organic wines. The new white wines are expected too and in this case particularly the concurrence between the two most important European producers will be high, always depending on the transport costs as well. What will become essential will be the quality of a punctual delivery of the bulks linked too the time line productions, thing that with Italian transporter is possible while with Spanish ones is not so sure considered the distance. Prices however are absolutely competitive as well as quality and colour for the bulks.

Vintage however is not completed so far therefore for having the new wines it tis to wait till the third week of October since fermentation is taking place in both the Coutries. Demand of the international market is high even if the increasing costs affect the order. Prices will slow down.

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