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2019: Looking Ahead
In 2018 wine sales volumes in Italy were running below average and confirmations were dragging on.
The biggest requests were for the international varietal reds and whites, with a wide price range between the entry level and high qualities. The red wine market has been more active in general than the white, with good demand for international varietal reds, generic reds, Rossisimo, and Primitivo (and other Puglian varietals such as Salice Salentino, Negroamaro, and Castel del Monte).
Demand has been there for high quality, high alcohol white wines. Prosecco has remained in demand: it is expected to remain stably-priced through 2019. DOC Pinot Grigio was also moving quite well. Organic wines of all types are
much sought-after.
As across Europe following its big 2018 harvests, purchasing of 2018 wines
in Italy took a little while to get into its stride but activity is now proceeding
steadily. Italy faces stiff competition on price, especially from Spain, but it can
offer good value for money on a wide range of products. It has organic wines,
international varietals wines, Prosecco and Pinot Grigio available, as well as
volumes of low alcohol entry level wines at very competitive pricing.

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